Month: November 2014

Buzz on the street

The bee, whose worrying decline is so often in the news, offers our planet many gifts. Perhaps richest of all is Royal Jelly – the entirely natural, milky nectar famed for its abundant health giving properties. Made in the pharyngeal gland of the worker bee and fed exclusively […]

Two shoemakers stepping up

We humans have been wearing animal hides for longer than any other fabric, and it’s hard to dispute cow hide’s tactile warmth, breathable waterproof quality and sexy tendency to mould to fit. Little wonder it has found its way from warrior armour and blacksmiths’ aprons to cowboys and […]


The mission of this blog is to inform and inspire both businesses and consumers in the aspirational fashion world, observing trends and investigating the latest advances in sustainability. By caring about our planet and people, I want to be ahead of the curve and to help define a […]

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