Sustainable Santa – ethical gift ideas for her and him

It’s that time of year again, when the pressure to prove our affection for our loved ones through a purchase can lead to all sorts of dubious shopping choices. If you’re planning to celebrate with the usual shower of gifts, it is possible to turn the traditional orgy of consumption and waste into a festival of ethical purchasing power with just a little thought. We take a look at just a few of the more sustainable gift options available.

For her:

Hemp Tropical Bubblebath, Yaoh, £6

This year, why not seek out the best possible toiletries rather than being seduced by fancy packaging? Yaoh’s organic hemp seed oil tropical bubble bath is both vegan and free from nasties like sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, petroleum extracts and other harmful and unnecessary additives. Combining moisturising fresh organic hemp seed oil with rejuvenating natural mango and coconut essences, it creates an exotic and relaxing soak. Not tested on animals, Yaoh products all bear the Vegan Society trademark, and the small British company supports PETA and Animal Aid.

For him:

Cashmere & merino wool ‘cabbage’ jumper, Sir Plus, £85

This gorgeous, classic, masculine cable-knit sweater is made entirely from ‘cabbage’ – the clothing industry nickname for offcuts, ends of rolls and other surplus materials, by a small London company specialising in repurposing this ‘waste’ into a full range of quality menswear. The rustic styling and the cheeky offcut elbow patches highlight its ‘green’ credentials but this is no gimmick – 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool sourced from luxury manufacturers make for a superior, durable garment that will look good for years.

For him or her:

Peasy slippers, Po Zu, £79

If it seems to be slippers every year, perhaps it’s time to stop buying mass-produced ‘novelty’ ones and invest instead in something that will stay warm, comfy and beautiful for years. Handmade in Portugal by UK green footwear pioneers Pu Zu (founder Sven Segal won Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2012 People and Environment Achievement Awards) this clever, convertible slipper is made from chrome-free suede and felt wool and features the company’s revolutionary coir and latex “foot mattress” and a waterproof latex sole. Which is just as well, because you won’t want to take them off.

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One thought on “Sustainable Santa – ethical gift ideas for her and him

  1. Hi Deeper Luxury – My Xmas was just great. A little too hot this year for my liking, global warming and all that. So I spent Xmas Day with the rest of the herd down at the local wallow hole. We’ve had plenty of rain this summer so the water was cool and the hippo helped us trample-up a whole load of fresh mud. We all ended-up opening our presents there, the hippos and us…even the croc twins turned up, and I hadn’t seen them for years. They haven’t changed at all, still laze around all day with that stupid toothy grin of theirs.

    Anyway, best surprise of the day was my little gift from Santa. And you won’t believe it, but the herd bought me some of that Yaoh Tropical Bubblebath…must have cost them a pretty penny mind you.

    I was beside myself, so bit open the bottle right there and then. The crocs did their usual party trick…that barrel rolling stunt they do, fighting over a log pretending it’s a baby impala or something. Bubbles everywhere as you can imagine. But wow – that mango and coconut essence was a real knock out. Haven’t been able to get the taste since.

    For winter I’ve got my eye on one of those fancy cabbage jumpers.


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