Is the tide turning against fast fashion ?

If the sight of racks and racks of cheap, sparkly dresses failed to put you in the party mood this festive season, you're not alone. UK shoppers spent about £3.5bn on clothing for the 2018 party season, some on garments costing less than a G&T. Millions of these are already in landfill. Britons buy more … Continue reading Is the tide turning against fast fashion ?

How dirty is your laundry?

Responsible fashionistas are already cutting back on dry cleaning and washing their everyday clothes at 30°C. We thought it worth taking a closer look at the ethics of that washday. Choosing the best available detergent, and reconsidering how you use it, can make a huge difference. A 2009 Defra study recommends using concentrated bottled liquid … Continue reading How dirty is your laundry?

Why fashion needs to slow down

Fashion is now the second biggest polluter in the world. Our fast fashion mentality is having a devastating impact on the environment, with 350,000 tonnes of clothing a year added to landfill in the UK alone. Shoppers no longer have to wait half a year for a new seasonal look. Instead, financially focused retailers are cashing … Continue reading Why fashion needs to slow down