How to drink responsibly

Many of us like to kick back with a tipple at the end of a tough week, or indeed, day. Unfortunately, from the vast amounts of water and energy used in the distillation process to excessive, non-recyclable packaging, the drinks industry has a tendency to be both wasteful and polluting. Rather than something that’s going … Continue reading How to drink responsibly

UK’s bees again threatened by neonics!

The UK's bees are again at serious risk from a government which repeatedly pledges to protect them. In January 2022, just months after passing its flagship Environment Act 2021, it announced that Syngenta's Cruiser SB, a brand name for the 'banned' neonicotinoid thiamethoxam, would be permitted for use on the UK's 2022 sugar beet crop. … Continue reading UK’s bees again threatened by neonics!

Rapanui’s Teemill revolutionises fast fashion with circular T-shirts

The world's dwindling resources, including cotton often sourced in questionable circumstances, are used to manufacture millions of T-shirts, many of which will quickly end up in landfill.
Now there's another way. An award-winning UK-based online software platform is using modern technologies like AI to make circular fashion stylish and open source.

Stylish glasses for an ethical new outlook

More than half of us need glasses to correct our vision, but like sunglasses they’ve long been a challenge to the eco-conscious. Frames are usually made from polluting, non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastics or from metal. While both are recyclable, your local scheme is unlikely to accept old specs, which are more likely to end up in … Continue reading Stylish glasses for an ethical new outlook