UK’s bees again threatened by neonics!

The UK's bees are again at serious risk from a government which repeatedly pledges to protect them. In January 2022, just months after passing its flagship Environment Act 2021, it announced that Syngenta's Cruiser SB, a brand name for the 'banned' neonicotinoid thiamethoxam, would be permitted for use on the UK's 2022 sugar beet crop. … Continue reading UK’s bees again threatened by neonics!

Is the tide turning against fast fashion ?

If the sight of racks and racks of cheap, sparkly dresses failed to put you in the party mood this festive season, you're not alone. UK shoppers spent about £3.5bn on clothing for the 2018 party season, some on garments costing less than a G&T. Millions of these are already in landfill. Britons buy more … Continue reading Is the tide turning against fast fashion ?

Keep voting responsibly, and not just with your wallet

Many large suppliers now have fairly-paid, permanent workforces in safe factories, and reputation-conscious brands, burned by decades of bad publicity, are their biggest clients. But increasing demand, particularly in the fashion sector, for ever greater speed-to-market has also led to a rise in 'mega-suppliers', huge agencies trading entirely on thousands of ephemeral working relationships with unregulated small manufacturers in the interest of fast turnaround.