Sustainability leadership in the luxury fashion world: Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is arguably the leader of sustainability in high fashion, and one of the first catwalk designers to embed sustainability, and in particular her sincere commitment to animal rights, throughout her entire business model. What makes her inspiring to me is a clear sense of responsibility for the environmental and ethical impact of every … Continue reading Sustainability leadership in the luxury fashion world: Stella McCartney

Easter Egg shopping list

The annual festival of chocolate over-indulgence known as Easter raises more serious issues than pimples and weight gain for the ethical shopper. The cocoa trade is notoriously bedevilled by child labour, slavery and other workers' rights issues. Palm oil, which can be used in confectionery listed merely as 'vegetable oil', is rarely produced sustainably, and … Continue reading Easter Egg shopping list

Walk tall for the planet

You don't have to dress like an eco-warrior to support sustainable fashion. While some of us choose rustic or boho styles that advertise our green outlook, there are many fashionistas who simply want to remain au courant without contributing to environmental disaster. If you're a city slicker, you may not have considered cork shoes, but … Continue reading Walk tall for the planet